Our Range of Services

Accounting and bookeeping

Accounting services for small and medium-sized enterprises, from primary documents to annual financial statements

Representation against tax and social insurance authorities

Preparation of tax credit agreements, tax refund, set-off, VAT registration documents, and other filings and reports.

Taxes for individuals

Provision of advice concerning self-employment (sole trader) registration, accounting and reporting

Accounting and taxes

Advice on structuring business funding and allocation of profits, tax risks, international transactions

Civil agreements

Assistance in the transaction-related risk assessment, in legal and taxation background, preparation and supervision of agreements

Tax planning

Provision of advice on how to reduce tax liablity, to optimise taxation in mergers and acquisitions

Tax analysis

In-depth analysis of the target company, its tax liabilities; advice on efficient transaction structure (against the background of taxation)

Company establishment and winding-up

Advice concerning establishment of a company and registration in Lithuania; assistance in the winding-up procedure

Year 2005

This is the year when we launched our business operations.

In all our years in this business, we have been pursuing the same goals – to assist our customers focus on what they do, instead of needing to be thinking about accounting issues.

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We are proud to have been recognised with awards for 7 consecutive years.

We are proud to be one of the best-performing businesses in Lithuania. We are among 4% of the Lithuanian businesses having this level of creditworthiness, something which we have been proud of for the past five years

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Your trust and confidence in us matters!

By nurturing our values–professionalism and reliability, we have built up customer trust and confidence in our services. We share our expertise with over 180 companies. The security of customer data is always at the very heart of our business – in representing our clients in their relations with governmental institutions; we always take an extra step towards efficient and mutually beneficial accounting procedures.



Private limited companies


Small partnerships


Self-employed individuals


Public undertakings


Associations, trade unions